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The Ultimate Writing Guide
Have great tutorial that you want to show off to help others? Or need a great tutorial yourself to make your characters shine across the battlefield? Then check out the description for more information.
:iconcheyanne-author:Cheyanne-Author 893 104
How to write a summary
NOTE!: This is a random tutorial that I wrote because of all the people I know that say they can't write a summary. I have left plenty of other info in the artist comments so go read that if you must, now! Oh, and I am looking for errors so tell me if you spot any, I need to change them, ktnxsbai!
HEY! Have you always wanted to write a summary that was so good your readers read the summary more than your story? Well I hope not, then no one would be able to read the writing would they. But have no fear, although I may not be the most amazing writer ever I’m sure I can give you some basic tips on how to write a good summary that makes all the people who read it want to read the story right there and then.
Now I’m not saying you are incapable of writing one, no, everyone can. But, there are certain ways you can write it to ensure that people are going to read it. Obviously you need a nice story title, if there isn’t a good title people might not
:iconceata88:Ceata88 112 49
The Character Arc
Advanced Plotting:

PLOT ARC: The events that happen while the characters make other plans.
CHARACTER ARC: The emotional roller-coaster that the character suffers while dealing with the Plot.
Understanding Plot
To make a story a cohesive whole, every single thing in it must be there for a reason. Every single character, object, location, and event must push toward the ending you have planned even if it doesn't look that way to the casual observer. In short, every scene in the story should either illustrate a characteristic attribute of a main Character or be an Event that makes your ending happen.
What the Character Arc does is map out the Emotional path your characters need to take to grow and change into the heroes and heroines your story needs to achieve your story's ending.
For the record, a Character Arc can be used all by itself as th
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 725 93
I need your help guys.
Since it seems to me that only I am able to submit to the gallery, I've added some changes, twice, and it *should* be working now. Of course, I can't say for sure, so you need to tell me whether it actually is or isn't working.
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I wrote a tutorial… on my new art Lady Vampire -…
In this tut I reveal all of my secrets, techniques of drawing, giving volumes, etc. It is very detailed and suitable for even novice photoartist.
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I was looking through your gallery, and it seems that you except writing pieces as well as tutorials on writing. It's a bit of a mess though, so I just wanted to suggest that you might want to make two new folders: One for tutorials, and one for writing pieces. The featured folder would be the pieces out of both that you like best!

Just a suggestion! Enjoy your day.
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Will see what I can do - tis a big gallery X)
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do any of you guys know how to write storyboards cuz i could really need a storyboard writer for my manga project. here's the link to look at if you're interested [link] and here's a direct link to the chapters themselves [link]
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